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Moving Service Servicing South Carolina

Most people do not enjoy moving. From packing everything up, loading it, driving, unloading, and unpacking most people get exhausted and frustrated just thinking about it. If you are in South Carolina and looking to reduce the stress of your move, then you need Busy Beez Movers. We are fully insured, licensed, bonded, and certified as movers in the state of South Carolina. We can move you to or from South Carolina.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe

Your belongings are precious to you. That is why we make a point to use all the latest safety devices and procedures to make sure your stuff arrives at your new home or office in the condition it left in. This includes:
  • Padded Blankets (for large fragile items like TVs and dressers)
  • Bungee Cables and Floor Mounts (to keep items from moving in transit)
  • Low Moisture Coverings (to keep electronics from getting wet in humid environments)
  • And More
Moving a Sofa - Movers in Simpsonville, SC

Do you need help moving your parents?

If you and your parents or grandparents agree that it is time for them to move into an assisted living or retirement home, then you will need helping moving the items they will want to bring with them. We can help with smaller moves like this including:
  • Moving into assisted living
  • Moving college students (in or out of state)
  • Moving to/from a 1 bedroom or studio apartment
  • Picking up/delivering products you purchased from a store

Move the Big Stuff

If you have gotten all the small items you need to move to fit perfectly into your car, but have no idea how to move those larger items on your return trip, don't worry about it! Busy Beez Movers can carry your large items or single items. This includes big items that your local store won't deliver including:

  • Beds
  • Pianos
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Ovens
  • And More!

Long and Short Distance Moves

We understand that everyone's moving needs are unique. Whether you are moving across the country, or just need to move a large item from downstairs, Busy Beez Movers wants to make your move easier. We know that not everyone will be willing to help you with those short distance moves, so let us help and take the stress out of your day.
Busy Beez Movers is excited to help you move and start the next chapter of your life. So be sure to call 864-558-9930 when you are ready to move!