Long and Short Distance Moving from South Carolina

Cardboard Box on Hand Truck - Long distance movers in Simpsonville, SC
When you are planning your next move, take the stress and hassle out of the process by using Busy Beez Movers. We know that everyone has different needs so we make sure to customize the moving process to you. Whether you want us to take care of the whole move, or just make move the heavy items we will get your items to your new destination.

Our team uses all the necessary safety equipment to make sure your items are taken care of. We wrap and cover railings and door frames to avoid scratching or damage while moving large items. We also use ramps and padded blankets for carpet protection as well. This way we ensure your belongings arrive at your new home or office safely and in the same condition they were before the move.

Small Moves

Are you moving into a retirement home?

If you are moving into a retirement or assisted living home, Busy Beez Movers will move everything with care to make sure your treasured possessions can make you feel at home.

Are you moving into a dorm or campus housing?

If your child is moving to college, we can move the stuff they need to keep a little bit of home with them while they are at school. Especially if they are moving out of state.

Are you moving into a studio or 1 bedroom apartment?

If you are moving into a smaller apartment, we'll make sure to move all your things with proper care so you can turn it into your space.

Do you need help moving a large item purchase from the store?

Did you buy something large from the store that won't fit in your car or truck, but they don't offer delivery? Busy Beez Movers will pick it up and drop it off so you can enjoy your new purchase sooner.

Any Move Near or Far

Busy Beez Movers is based in Simpsonville, SC but we provide our moving services throughout the state. Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, we can make sure your belongings arrive safely.

Commercial Mover

If you need to move large items for your business we can help. From office furniture to large equipment like copiers, machinery, furniture, and supplies we will make moving everything easy and stress free. We can also pick up and deliver shipments to you.
Rather than try it yourself, or try to bribe your friends who will ultimately not show up, get Busy Beez Movers to help you out. Be sure to call 864-558-9930 for your free moving estimate!